In 1958, Tom Jennings and Dick Denney formed a company called Jennings Musical Instruments (JMI). Together they designed and built the first Vox amp, the AC-15. This amplifier, marked the very first appearance of the VOX name on a guitar amplifier and thus began an institution that has thrived for nearly 60 years. Vox has been owned by the Japanese electronics firm Korg since 1992, founded in Dartford, Kent, England.

Vox amplifiers have served as the foundation for some of the most memorable moments in musical history in this past year. They continue to make innovative products and serve as the voice for countless musicians. Vox has emerged as a leader in the digital amp modeling market with the release of its Valvetronix line of digital amplifier modelers. The sound of VOX amplifiers has left a lasting impact on popular music that still reverberates today. The most influential artists in the world continue to rely on VOX amplifiers to deliver world-class tone in the finest studios and on the biggest stages around the globe.