Flamenco Exotic Wood

Introducing the new Exotic Woods Custom Collection. These models are totally customizable with the following exotic woods: Olive or white Ebony, which do not require CITES certificate, Indian Rosewood, Madagascar and Cobocolo. Models of this new collection can be made using Classical or Flamenco patterns.
The new flamenco guitar Exotic Woods – Olive is characterized by its back and sides made of olive wood. The effect of olive wood makes unique instruments, thanks to the contrasts that the meshes of this wood draw on the back and sides. Although each guitar is always unique, in this case, it is important to mention that the differences are more evident between one and the other.

The top is made of solid spruce and it has ebony bindings.

Due to our company philosophy and our corporate social responsibility, in Alhambra Guitars we always want to improve the sustainability and optimization of all the process: selection of hardwood at source, treatment of them and recycling.
In this case, the new Flamenco Exotic Woods – Olive model is made of wood that is not protected and therefore does not require a CITES certificate.
It is also available in Open Pore finish.