Dynatone is the first established as the Electrical instruments and became the 1st producer of electrical musical instruments in Korea since 1987. They have been developing and producing newer and better products with modern and sophisticated designs. They continue to provide a standard for acoustics and musical instruments around the world and provides a top of the line percussion instruments, strings, woodwinds and brasses.

Using the knowledge and expertise gained from 27 years of experience as a stepping stone, Dynatone Corporation has gone on to develop, to produce and to sell acoustic guitars, ukuleles, violins, and flutes. Dynatone Corporation endeavors to not only be a leading producer of electronic keyboards and digital pianos, but to be the leading brand that produces a comprehensive line of musical instruments of the highest caliber. Grounded on a customer-centered philosophy, Dynatone Corporation is committed to producing products that satisfy the aesthetic and technical needs and desires of people worldwide. By using refined technical skills and sophisticated design as the basis, Dynatone has and will continue to produce superior quality instruments with better functionality and provide customer oriented services.