In 1965, Hoshino Gakki began manufacturing drums under the name “Star Drums”. By 1979, Hoshino decided to make a concerted effort to make high-quality drums and hardware and start marketing its drums under the Tama brand. Tama’s research and development of products, along with production of its professional and most expensive drums, is done in Seto, Japan, while its hardware and less expensive drums are manufactured in Guangzhou, China.

Tama became the strongest name in drums and one of the first companies to offer super heavy-duty hardware. It has its’ unique sound and solid design, it is no wonder why they are one of the top drum manufacturers in the world and many world class artists like Lars Ulrich, Roger Taylor, Mike Portnoy, Charlie Benante, and Stewart Copeland are enjoying this brand. Tama has a wide array of drum kits, ranging from beginner to professional. They were the first company to produce the boom stand, and multi clamps for cymbals.